As the global COVID crisis evolves, MedLab Global adapts to the ever changing needs of human mankind with Dr MedLab TeleHealth

Dr MedLab TeleHealth portal is the digitalisation of healthcare in response to consumers needs and the evolving global COVID pandemic.
Our TeleHealth digital healthcare technology enables virtual consultations between Dr MedLab physicians with consumers. This enables patients to consistently and safely get the help they need without leaving home.
Medlab Global’s TeleHealth care package includes provisions for patients to access essential medical and healthcare services via teleconferencing with our health care professionals accessing vital medications.
The convenience of Dr MedLab is that it enables consumers to teleconference with our group of physicians without having to travel and physically visit a medical centre. Our TeleHealth care model revolves around transmitting information rather than moving care recipients (patients), health professionals or educators. It encompasses diagnosis, treatment, preventive (educational) and curative aspects of healthcare services and typically involves the interaction of patients, care providers or educators in the provision of these services directed to the care recipient, the customer, that means you.

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