Medical Consultation


Medical Consultation


The Dr Medlab online consultations process.
  1. Select date and time below for your Telehealth consultation
  2. Fill in the Health Questionaire ( Can be downloaded here ) This form will take about 10 minutes to complete and is very comprehensive in order to get the most out of your consultation.
  3. Complete, save and upload your form back to your Medlab Global Account ( Links and instructions will be provided in confirmation of booking)
  4. A Medlab Physician will call you on your chosen date and time. ( allow about an hour to talk to your Medlab Telehealth Physician)A doctor will allocate his professional time before your consultation to assess your biochemistry and medical questionnaire. The price listed includes professional time for services allocated by the doctor in preparing, interpreting your biochemistry along with evaluation assessment of your medical questionnaire before  your consultation.Refund Policy: As significant work and resources have been undertaken before your consultation, if you fail to attend the consultation there will be no refund.

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