Cost to Patient varies widely by condition being treated

A doctorÔÇÖs prescription is often based on the patient starting on a low dose and increasing dose until an optimal outcome is achieved. The effective dosage a patient achieves can vary┬ásignificantly┬áby patient, but also varies┬ásignificantly┬áby the condition being treated. It is important to note that not all patients see benefits from medicinal cannabis treatments.


Legal medicinal cannabis products are manufactured with very specific dosages of the active ingredient (usually THC or CBD). For example, a product may contain 10 mg of cannabinoids per mL, in a 50mL bottle of oil, summing to 500mg of active ingredient per bottle. The costs of the product are typically tied to the amount of this active ingredient it contains.


We also note the unique challenge for patients who require high dosages. The most commonly example being patients with epilepsy who may only see a positive response to treatment with high doses of CBD, leading to costs in the thousands of dollars per month.


Generally, CBD purified products are more expensive compared with THC based products. The reason for this is that CBD pure isolates are required to undertake numerous purification processes. This purification process of removing the THC is costly.


Legislation varies with respect to traceable THC when driving and impairment. This should be discussed with your prescribing doctor who can advise how the law relates to you and the country you live in.


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