MEDLAB GLOBAL is a next generation healthcare life sciences company providing medical services to corporations and individuals. Our portfolio investments include NVIDIA technology.


With the growing demand for personalised medicine, our next-generation 3.0 healthcare model combined with new computing paradigms we deliver enhanced diagnosis, management and quality healthcare.


At Medlab Global, we harness the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and high-performance computing (HPC) to assist us with breakthroughs in biomedical research to diagnose, treat and manage disease. This has become the future of medicine. Our products and services include cosmeceuticals, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals and healthcare.


Through Medlab Global’s Asia Pacific subsidiary,  we provide services to a variety of industries, including mining and resources, oil and gas, automotive and transport, manufacturing and construction.


Our team of wellness and occupational healthcare physicians assess and treat work related injuries. We assist in the management of health and safety in the workplace, manage complex medical assessments, drug and alcohol testing, health surveillance and consultancy for large corporations.


In collaboration with our team of physicians we provide medical services in a sensitive and professional manner. Whether it be for detection and management or general pre-employment health assessment screening in the work place.


MEDLAB GLOBAL currently undertakes research and development activities with strategic partners and institutions. Our research & development branch focus is gerontology and the interrelationships of reproductive, endocrine, and oncological effects on biological degenerative processes.


Artificial intelligence (AI) biotechnology will revolutionise the discovery and development of new drugs, optimisation of drug design, identification of potential drug targets, and the analysis of vast amounts of genetic data. With the incorporation of AI into drug design, this can significantly enhance the efficiency and accuracy of various biotechnology processes, ultimately leading to faster and more effective drug discovery and development. Read more:



Now consumers can access our  Dr MedLab physicians  and consistently get the help they need. This effectively assists in maintaining health or managing  conditions as they may arise. We are continually innovating in making our services more accessible to our customers.